Airplane Mode

Independent rock and roll

On Making a Music Video

Today marks the release of our very first music video. We worked really hard on it, and we hope it’s as much fun to watch as it was to make.

“Let’s get our friends and some random people off the street to dance to the song.” The idea was to do something that would be inexpensive to make, but still entertaining. Almost nobody shown in the video had heard the song before, so what you’re seeing are people’s genuine reactions to the music. Well, as genuine as you can be when someone tells you to dance and shoves a camera in your face.

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Airplane Mode: The Podcast

When we decided to make a record, we did so knowing full well that we'd be doing things in an unconventional way. We don't have a full gigging band yet. There's no brand-name producer. There's no record label. We're recording most of this with our friends or in our apartments, sharing files over Dropbox.

But maybe that's the new normal. In the age of Twitter and YouTube and GarageBand, maybe this is just how independent musicians do things.

We've always loved Behind the Music and iTunes Originals, and hearing our favorite artists tell stories on stage. Something about a view into the process makes the music feel like a more intimate experience. It seemed that, if we were going to try starting a band and making a record without a road map, perhaps we had an opportunity to give others a look into what we're doing.

So this. We've enlisted the help of the brilliant Mark Bramhill and our good friends at Hover, and started documenting the band via podcast. Every week, you'll get to hear the story of Airplane Mode from the band directly.

We'll do our best to keep things interesting.



Acoustic Show at Subject

We’re playing an acoustic set at Subject on Tuesday, June 30 at 7 PM. Free show.

This will be our first official gig in NYC and we’re really excited about it. We’ll be playing acoustic versions of a bunch of our stuff, and a few covers you may recognize. Bring your friends!


During a recent layover at LAX I found myself at the airport lounge sitting across from a stunningly beautiful woman. We said nothing, but she said better than me.