Over It

I’ll take nostalgia over this
In memory a softer kiss
We’re fogging up the rear-view mirror
Let’s lay the pedal down and watch us disappear

Don’t want to die with no regrets
Our walls are casting silhouettes
It may sound cold but I must insist
I’ll take the next one top-shelf, salty with a twist

When there is nothing left to say to you
I’ll send these tired lines to bed again
And make believe that I am over it
When all is said and done I still can’t sing myself to sleep

Some cities love to break you down
Another face, another town
If I ever find a way to let you go
You can bet your ass you’ll be the first to know

I’ll take nostalgia over you
I’ll hold my breath until your face turns blue
If I ever find a photo of us then
I’ll rip that fucker up just to tape it back together again